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The Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery in India

In India majority of jewellery is still manufactured in traditional method i.e. by hand using a mouth blowpipe with an oil or candle flame for soldering and melting and alloyed using charcoal furnaces. 

In order to protect consumer interest the need for certification of gold purity was felt from long ago and finally a law was enacted. 

Government of India' has identified Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) a sole agency in India to operate the Hallmark scheme. BIS hallmarking Scheme is voluntary in nature in nature at present and is operating under BIS Act, Rules and Regulations.

The BIS hallmark bestows the additional confidence to the consumer on the purity of gold jewellery.

BIS hallmark for gold jewellery consists of five components:

(1) The BIS logo

(2) A three digit number (out of a set of six pre-defined values) indicating the purity of the gold in part-per-thousand-format viz; 958, 916, 875, 750, 585, 375. Thus a BIS 916 hallmark would certify to a purity of 916 per 1000, that is 91.6%, translating to a 22 carat  purity of gold.


Purity grade -                               958 Corresponding to 23 Carat

916 Corresponding to 22 Carat

875 Corresponding to 21 Carat

750 Corresponding to 18 Carat

585 Corresponding to 14 Carat

375 Corresponding to 9 Carat

(3) Logo of the assaying Centre

(4) A code denoting the year of hallmarking e.g.

‘A’  2000            B’ – 2001             ‘C’ – 2002             ‘D’ – 2003            ‘E’ – 2004 and so on.

(5) Logo/code of the jewellers


Diamond Jewellery




1. Clarity:- When we speak of a Diamond's clarity we are referring to the presence of birthmarks or tiny inclusions on or within the stone. If you think about the incredible amount of heat and pressure it takes to create a Diamond, it's no surprise that many Diamonds have inclusions, scratches, blemishes and spots on their surface or inside. If other factors are equal then a flawless diamond is more expensive. Diamonds are graded for clarity from Internally Flawless to included.


2. Cut:- Cut unlocks the natural brilliance of Diamonds. It is perhaps the most important of the 4 Cs. For, the cut not only reflects the general outward appearance of the diamond such as round, emerald or pear shape, but it also gives it its reflective properties. Since a Diamond is only a reflector, a well shaped, excellent cut Diamond gives maximum brilliance as it reflects all the light entering from the front. An Excellent polish and symmetry maximizes not only a Diamond's brilliance, fire and scintillation but also its value. Finish: - Quality of polish and symmetry is judged to reach at a finish grade of a diamond. This can be from excellent to poor. Cut, Polish and Symmetry of a diamond can be graded into five grades from excellent to poor. Buy only Excellent or Very good cut Diamonds as they give the best light performance.


3. Carat :- A carat is the standard unit of measures that defines the weight of a diamond which is equivalent to 200 milligrams. Carat size is also expressed as 'points' where a one carat diamond equals 100 points or cents. Diamond up to- 99 cents in weight are called pointers and above 100 cents in weight are called Solitaires. Diamonds of the same carat weight may appear to be of different sizes depending on how the Diamond is cut. If color, clarity and cut of a group of Diamonds are same then a single Diamond of higher weight will be more valuable than a group of Diamonds having the same weight together. Value of a Diamond increases exponentially with the increase in its weight.


4. Color :- Most people think that Diamonds are colorless or white, but the majority of Diamonds are yellow, brown or black. Only the rarest Diamonds are colorless. In fact, the more colorless or white a Diamond is, the more valuable it is. The color of a Diamond ranges from exceptional white plus to tinted white. The white Diamonds are internationally judged on D to Z range of colors. A Diamond is considered colorless if it is of d, e or f grade and rare white to white if it is of G to H grade. The Diamond will start to appear yellow/brown if the color grade is lower than J.


• Laser inscription:- When you buy diamond, especially solitaires, it is either loose or set in a piece of jewellery and its certification is given to you separately. How at this point, you can ensure that the certificate is corresponding to the diamond you are buying. The best way to ensure this is to buy Laser Inscripted Diamond. Laser inscription of diamonds is a process of using a very fine, precise laser beam to write anything on the girdle of a diamond. Laser inscription is considered permanent since it can only be removed by re-polishing the surface of the diamond. The laser inscription is microscopic totally invisible to the naked eye. It can only be seen with 10x magnifying loupe. Laser inscription does not change the colour grade or clarity grade of a Diamond. All major international diamond grading labs laser inscribe only the certificate number and their logo on the girdle of the diamond. They do not write anything else about the diamond on the girdle. And they write on the certificate also about it as comment or otherwise. Owing a laser in inscripted diamond gives maximum satisfaction as you are always assured whether at the time of repairs or re- sales or re landing that you can always re check the authenticity of your Diamond. There is no chance of switching of diamond knowingly or unknowingly.

By following some simple tips, your jewellery can be preserved for generations.

·         Remove your jewellery before bathing. Accumulated soap diminishes gold’s colour and lusture.

·         After wearing an ornament, wipe it gently with a cotton cloth dabbed with lukewarm water.

·         Avoid washing your jewellery in a wash basin. You might wash away small, loosely-set stones or parts of your ornament.

·         Gently use a toothbrush or any other soft object to remove visible dirt accumulations.

·         Chlorine can damage your ornaments. So remember to remove all your ornaments before going for a swim.

·         Makeup, hair spray and perfumes cause dullness and loss of colour. So always wear your ornaments last.

·         Keep your jewellery away from sharp objects. Also, remove them while doing physical activities or any other household chore.

·         Grease is harmful to jewellery. Remove it by gently rubbing the surface with alcohol.

·         Get your jewellery polished every six months. When you do, approach a jeweller you can trust. 



We accept your order for hand crafted customized gold jewellery and assure excellent workmanship. However, hand crafted jewellery may slightly vary in weight and looks. Rate prevailing on the date of delivery would apply. If order is given with advance payment, rate prevailing on the date of advance would apply.


You can exchange or return your jewellery, bought from us, after 30 days following terms would apply:-

Category of jewellery


Buyback / Cash


Normal gold jewellery

10% deduction in gold weight

15% deduction in gold weight

Current rate less Rs.500/- per 10 gms.

Hall Mark (916) Jewellery

0% deduction in gold weight

5% deduction in gold weight

Current rate less Rs. 500/- per 10 gms.

Precious stones studded  jewellery

Deduction in gold weight as above

Deduction in gold weight as above

Gold value as above and 25% deduction in purchase value of precious stone. Stone removal at customer risk

Diamond Jewellery

No deduction on Diamond value (as per appreciation)

No deduction on Diamond value (as per appreciation)

Gold value as per its purity

Silver items

20% deduction in jewellery weight

25% deduction in jewellery weight

Current value less Rs.10/- per 10 gms.

Rashi Ratna

10% deduction

20% deduction

Purchase value / as per appreciation

Note: Original Cash memo required for exchange or buy back. Payment over Rs.20,000/- by cheque only.



We accept your order for repair of jewellery, bought from us, on following terms:-

i.                     Cost of repair & wastage in weight of jewellery, if any, to be borne by customer.

ii.                   Actual cost of repair may vary from approximate repair cost informed to the customer.

iii.                  Delivery must be taken within one month against receipt slip issued by us.

iv.                 Loss of receipt slip must be immediately informed to us to avoid taking away jewellery by any fraudulent person.

v.                   Delivery date is mentioned on our receipt slip but your phone call would help us to keep the item ready on delivery counter to save your valuable time.


Item is valued by our experts on the basis of its purity. Customer can exercise his option of getting it valued by hallmarking agency.


NOTE: The above mentioned terms are subject to change at our discretion. 

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