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BIS Standard

The BIS hallmark Standard

  • BIS hallmark for gold jewellery consists of several components:
  • The BIS logo.
  • A three digit number (out of a set of six pre-defined values) indicating the purity of the gold in part-per-thousand-format viz; 958, 916, 875, 750, 585, 375. Thus a BIS 916 hallmark would certify to a purity of 916 per 1000,that is 91.6%,tranlating to a 22 carat purity of gold of jewellery and is decided by BIS e.g. letter A denotes year 2000, J for 2008
  • Logo of the assaying centre.
  • A code denoting the date of hallmarking. Code letter represents the year of hallmarking
  • Logo/code of the jeweller.
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