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Our Certifications

Diamond jewellery available under our store are 100% hallmark bearing the logo of our brand along with BIS logo authenticating the purity of gold.

Each and every diamond used in craftsmanship of diamond jewellery certifies the characteristic of diamond into four category that is color, caratage, clarity and its cut. Moreover, not a single  deduction is there if goods are return back to us within 30 days from the date of sale invoice which brings confidence in the eyes of the customer that the goods sold are value for money and give appreciation to the customers from time to time .

 The BIS hallmark Standard

  • BIS hallmark for gold jewellery consists of several components:
  • The BIS logo.
  • A three digit number (out of a set of six pre-defined values) indicating the purity of the gold in part-per-thousand-format viz; 958, 916, 875, 750, 585, 375. Thus a BIS 916 hallmark would certify to a purity of 916 per 1000,that is 91.6%,translating to a 22 carat purity of gold of jewellery and is decided by BIS e.g. letter A denotes year 2000, J for 2008
  • Logo of the assaying centre.
  • A code denoting the date of hallmarking. Code letter represents the year of hallmarking
  • Logo/code of the jeweller.
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